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We teach your team basic video production, media strategy, and how to write powerful scripts.


We transform your own office into a video studio with pro lighting, sound, and cameras.


Transform into a pro TV Host. Learn to speak in front of the camera and shoot your first video.


We’ll edit and perfect your video before publishing online. You’ll generate leads and publicity. Monetize your effort!

Make YouTube Videos

Begin producing viral videos for your business.

We teach individuals and organizations to produce impressive videos quickly.

Our team sets up a movie-making environment in your own organization. We build a studio in your office and teach your team how to script ideas and produce videos. We even shoot your first video for you.

In short, you will learn to become the master of you own show.

Find a video package that suits your needs and budget.

Don’t miss out on another chance to go viral. Get started today!

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We are Different

Low Cost

It costs more to begin video production on your own. We know the challenges of shooting short videos with limited experience. So we designed a low cost program to get you started right away.

Specializing in Short Videos

We focus on teach clients how to make short videos designed specifically for social media. And we are good at it.

Results Driven

We make it easy to produce videos that deliver results. Our TV host consultants teach a specific tools and tips to achieve success quickly.

Willing to Share

Unlike others, we show our clients everything we do. Our main goal is to train individuals to produce their own quality videos in house.

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Key Elements of Our Service

Our model showcases a unique set of skills that are vital to the success of your video content. We provide both experience and the added value of direct coaching from production specialists in a single video package.

  • Branding

    Are you spending painful hours trying to write a script for 30-second video? You’re not alone. We teach you how to write targeted script that give voice to your brand in just 15 minutes. We’ll help you strategize your video content so that it is tailored exactly to your audience.

  • Video Production

    We set up a professional video studio right in your office. Our production group adjusts light, sound, camera settings, and background. You learn how to operate the equipment and produce vivid, attractive videos with ease.

  • TV Host & Acting

    Working under close supervision of our Media Consultant, you’ll produce your first video material. Learn how to comfortably speak in front of the camera with authenticity and emotion. When you’re done you will love what you see in the screen.

  • Project Management

    Receive instruction on how to professionally set up video production in your office. From this point on, you will always be on time for the show time.

  • Advertising

    Our specialists show you how to post, promote, and monetize your videos online. You learn to build the community around you content. You bring new leads and revenue.

Additional Services

Create your own package or ask for specific services. We will be glad to assist you.


  • Studio setup
  • Video Shooting
  • Directing
  • Video Editing
  • Special Effects


  • Camera talk
  • Body language
  • Emotional preparation
  • Voice and pronunciation


  • Content Strategy
  • Image planning
  • Script writing
  • Table reading


  • Marketing consulting
  • Marketing plan
  • Video placement
  • SEO


  • Actors
  • Hosts
  • Comedians

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